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Hollywood comes from the wood of the holly tree in which wizards and witches used to perform their ritual magic. A practice that is forbidden in the Bible. Many Hollywood celebrities have admitted to participating in these occult rituals. All the abominations God commands us to take no part in are being promoted in popular media. The Avengers, Harry Potter, Twilight, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Hellboy, Vampire Diaries, and Lucifer are all streaming to a massive audience. Crossdressing, Fornication, Violence, Murder, Vengeance, Hate and Homosexuality have all been normalized through constant repetition on TV. As a result the morals of western civilization have decayed to the point that drag queens are allowed access to children in the public libraries and perversions are being celebrated instead of denounced. What is good is being called evil and vice versa. This documentary will reveal how the popular cult has changed the moral values of society and set us on a path towards destruction.

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