The Popular Cult Logo Aleister Crowley Sign Of Silence

- The Original Cult -

Satanic illuminati occult symbolism is prevalent all throughout human history telling the story of the hidden ruler pulling strings behind the scenes.

- Video Clips -

The lightning bolt is a reference to Luke 10:18 which represents Satan falling from heaven. Hollywood loves using this symbol as a salute to the devil.

History is ruled from the shadows by Satanic secret societies who use symbolism as a method to display their power.

Most presidents and powerful people in the world are closely related to the same Satanic ruling class that has gone back for centuries.

The Bible speaks about the Anakim who were giants like Goliath populating the promised land which God ordered the Israelites to destroy.

The swastika is an ancient occult symbol used by many different cultures connecting the the satanic secret societies who rule behind the scenes.

Alexander the great is probably not who we have been told. His stories are quite exaggerated one of which was plagiarized right out of the Bible.

Human traffickers originate from the city of Tyre which God speaks of in the Bible. They are the seed of the serpent who are committed to destroying humanity.