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- Popular Cult Rituals -

Many occult rituals are performed under the guise of entertainment at huge events such as music concerts and the super bowl.

- Video Clips -

Travis Scott performs a human sacrifice during his concert at astroworld. These Illuminati rituals help celebrities climb the ladder of success in hollywood.

Chris Gethard had Will Ferrell on his show and they performed a Satanic blood initiation ritual. Under the guise of comedy the illuminati normalizes debauchery.

Will Ferrell did a comedy sketch portraying child trafficking on adult swim. They love showing the truth through comedy.

Taylor Swift performs witchcraft and admits being a witch on social media.

Katy Perry performs a satanic ritual during the super bowl with masonic symbolism. The illuminati uses these events to manifest demonic influence in the world.

CERN is used by scientists to open portals giving easier access for demonic entities to pass through into this world.

The gotthard tunnel opening performance was a satanic ritual used to manifest the devils new world order.