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Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Louis CK, James Gunn, Tom Hanks, Sarah Silverman, Bill Gates, and many more are programming society for a satanic dystopian agenda.

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Dwayne The “Rock” Johnson constantly cross dresses in movies, tv, and award shows. He jokes about molesting & EATING children, and openly says HAIL SATAN. 

On Saturday night live Louis CK joked about molesting and eating children. Hollywood is aggressively pushing to desensitize society to pedophilia.

Famous director James Gunn makes multiple jokes on twitter about abusing children in sexual and violent he also throws pedophile themed parties.

Jerry Seinfeld fantasizes about eating young human flesh and Chrissy Teigen loves sexualizing children.

The royal family has very close relationships with human traffickers such as Jeffrey Epstein paired with prince Andrew as well as Jimmy Savile with prince Charles.

Jim Carrey jokes with Jimmy Kimmel about the fact that they are in a secret society. A psychological technique masking the truth in humor.

Katy Perry puts many satanic elements in her music videos including cannibalism. This is an attempt to normalize evil behavior to corrupt society.

Mayor Deblasio’s wife wears a pedophile symbol on her mask. The boy lover sign can also be found on Los Angeles police department badge and Ventura county.

Netflix is programming people to accept pedophilia with movies such as cuties.

The celebrities in hollywood are part of a satanic system attempting to drown society in sin to turn as many people as possible away from God.

Patton Oswald And Sarah Silverman make jokes about pedophilia and perform skits on comedy central abducting children. Rainn Wilson also makes many disturbing jokes about abusing children.

Pope Francis on world youth day 2019 wears a symbol representing boy love used by pedophile as identified by the FBI.

Roman Polanski was convicted of raping a child yet he still wins awards and is celebrated in hollywood.

Bill Gates, Ted Turner, and other powerful billionaires have openly talked about reducing the human population through the use of vaccines and other means.

Tom hanks performed a skit on Jimmy Kimmel where he grooms a little girl to be a sexy baby for toddlers and tiaras.