The Popular Cult Logo Aleister Crowley Sign Of Silence

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Popular YouTubers Pewdiepie, Joe Rogan, and Mat Best are using occult signs and symbols in their videos. Mat Best also loves promoting crossdressing.

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Famous Youtuber Pewdiepie Felix Kjellberg makes occult illuminati hand signs as well as putting these symbols on his clothing.

Mat Best uses his influence on YouTube to promote cross dressing and homosexuality masked under the veil of comedy.

Joe Rogan masks homosexuality in comedy while Elon Musk says his space adventures must be real because they look so fake.

Homosexual government recruitment videos are focusing on peoples sexuality instead of job skills to get a job in the intelligence agencies or military.

Kay Griggs was married to Colonel George Griggs and she details the satanic rituals going on in NATO and the military at the highest levels.