The Popular Cult Logo Aleister Crowley Sign Of Silence

- Joining The Cult Part 7 -

Charles Darwin, David Bowie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Madonna, Brad Pitt, Mynista, Tireo, And Barack Obama show occult demonic influence working behind the scenes.

- Video Clips -

Mynista And Tireo refuse to make a deal with the devil. Brad Pitt admits to forming a pact with Satan to gain his fame and fortune.

Leonardo DiCaprio is like a medium with as many as 30 different people coming out of him in a day. Madonna performs satanic ritual at the super bowl.

Charles Darwin is rooted in freemasonry with his grandfather Erasmus writing the precursor to evolution with his book Zoonomia. Evolution is a satanic deception imposed by satanists to lead people away from God.

David Bowie sings about following the steps of satanist Aleister Crowley. He even wears Crowleys robes and performs many occult rituals in his music videos.

Obama displays many occult satanic illuminati signs and could very well be the son of the cult leader muhammad subuh. He is also married to a man named Michael.