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- Joining The Cult Part 6 -

Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball, Rudolph Valentino, Robin Williams, Denzel Washington, And Oprah give evidence to the satanic power behind their fame.

- Video Clips -

Rudolph Valentino was involved in seances to call forth spirits to write scripts for their movies while Marilyn Monroe said she felt like multiple people lived inside of her. She also sang about being under the influence of black magic.

Lucille Ball says she was contacted by the dead to star in I Love Lucy And Denzel Washington says he prays to spirits to bring forth his best performance.

Oprah empties herself to let the spirits possess her when acting a role and Robin Williams says acting is like possession and that in the old days you would be burned for it.

Sandra Bullock romanticizes witchcraft in movies and talks with Ellen Degeneres about using babies blood on her face.