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- Joining The Cult Part 5 -

Dave Chappelle, DMX, Dr Dre, Paul Mooney, Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, And Taylor Swift have a lot to say about the satanic system that controls hollywood.

- Video Clips -

Taylor Swift claims to be Christian but her music videos promote cross dressing, witchcraft, and fornication which are forbidden in the Bible.

DMX sings about selling his soul to the devil and a producer for Dr Dre claims he would sell his soul for money. They also display occult satanic illuminati symbolism.

Kevin Hart cross dresses on saturday night live shortly after saying he would never wear a dress. Katt Williams comments on illuminati rituals in Hollywood.

Dave Chappelle tells a story on Oprah about being pressured to wear a dress in a movie which he refused. Yet he already cross dressed in a previous movie.