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- Joining The Cult Part 4 -

Black Sabbath, Jay Z, Lana Del Rey, Jimmy Savile, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, and Justin Trudeau admit to satanic worship and making deals with the devil.

- Video Clips -

Black Sabbath admits they have satanic roots and that their songs are given to them by spirits.

Lana Del Rey sings about selling her soul and Jay Z says he gets possessed by spirits.

Kanye West told a crowd of people that he sold his soul. He also wears the baphomet and displays occult satanic illuminati symbolism. Kanye also stated that his mother was sacrificed.

Roger Morneau was recruited by a satanic secret society who worship fallen angels. Lady Gaga swears to lucifer and promotes occult demonic illuminati symbolism.

The son of Fidel Castro Justin Trudeau cannot help but display joy at pride parades and celebrations of LGBTQ debauchery.