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- Hacking Humans -

Yuval Harari of the world economic forum talks frequently about the fact that humans are now hackable and that the age of free will is over.

- Video Clips -

Yuval Harari holds the record for dumbest claim in history saying we have gone “beyond God” with technological advances.

World Economic Forum member Yuval Harari says that crisis is a good thing and helps people accept societal changes they would reject under normal circumstances.

The world economic forum says people in the future will own nothing and be happy. Part of their dystopian plan to control all manner of human society.

The world economic forum is demonstrating technology that will read your brain waves at work and home which will be used to control every aspect of your life.

Bill and Melinda Gates smile gleefully as they discuss the next pandemic.

World economic spokesperson Klaus Schwab is a knights templar which is part of the illuminati secret societies that control the world behind the scenes.

Klaus Schwab of the world economic forum is encouraging everyone to embrace a dystopian future controlled by the elite.